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Exhaust Systems St Louis Installers

The performance experts at Dalo Motoring, Custom Car Shop, in St. Louis Missouri can help with replacing your current exhaust system.  Our team of professionals can help you choose the perfect exhaust system whether it is for performance or the MEAN sound you are looking to come out of your car.

All of our aftermarket parts are the top of the line so you can rest assured we only sell the best exhaust systems.



We install several thousand Exhaust kits every year, so experience is nothing to question. We are the best, and it’s just that simple. 


  • Magnaflow   ( A little Sample Below ) – at about 1:40 you can listen to the rumble of the exhaust…

  • SLP Performance
  • Borla
  • Corsa
  • Dynatech
  • and more

Here are some benefits of Performace Exhaust compared to stock exhaust systems including:

” Performace Exhaust.” benefits

  • Increased Horsepower by improving exhaust flow
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Magnaflow dealers and installers in St. Louis MOLonger-lasting High-Grade Steel
  • And of course, the Performance Sound!

Here are some kinds of cars we install performance exhaust on

Performace Truck Exhaust ( Samples below)

  • Ford -F150 Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Chevy Silverado Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Dodge Ram Performance Exhaust Systems

Sports Car Performance Exhaust

  • Ford Mustang Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Chevy Camero Performance Exhaust Systems
  • BMW Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Nissan Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Dodge Challenger Performance Exhaust Systems
  • And many others

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