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Its Your Car, Its Our Passion

Customize Your Jeep

Your car is a symbol that lets people know who you are.  It shows other drivers who is behind the wheel, its shows the driver's lifestyle, and personality.  A vehicle tells more about a person than their clothes.

Performance Parts

An automobile with window tint simply looks better. Each window film is designed to enhance the beauty of your car or truck and keep the heat and glare to a comfortable level in your vehicle.


Auto Restoration

Customize the interior of your car with the best in the business.  Get that interior you have always wanted. Are you looking for aftermarket seats, floors, headliners, or anything else?  We got it covered.

Looking for new custom wheels, at Dalo Motoring in St. Louis, MO you will work with one of the best in the industry.  Dalo Motoring hands every car with care and have the most experienced professionals in the area.

Truck Accessories

Dalo is St. Louis, Missouri home for truck accessories. We help truck owners find the right accessories for their truck, whether it's a function, a look, or both. Our custom car experts will cover it all.

St. Louis Custom Cars

Show your car the way it was intended to be presented! Guard the flawless finish of your vehicle against environmental risks with a 3M clear bra, OEM-approved urethane film called 3M Paint Protection Film (Scotchgard). If you own a classic car, exotic sports car, passenger vehicle, a race car, RV or a motorcycle, clear bra is for you.

Custom Car Shop

Dalo Motoring located in St. Louis, Missouri specializes in aftermarket parts, and custom fabricates a wide array of vehicles.  Our aftermarket parts are the top of the line products that are installed by our expert custom car installers.

Dalo Motoring has 2 locations around St. Louis Missouri.  Our south county location is located 2 miles east of Tesson ferry while our 2nd location is located in Wildwood Mo about 1 mile west of Clarkson and Manchester.  Our professional staff and expert installers can customize any car into your vision.

At Dalo Motoring, our owner and staff are car enthusiast and have several years of experience helping our clients make smart and good decisions when it comes to making a decision about their vehicle.   Our company has generated a large following since we opened, and enjoy working with our repeat customers.  Our customer base includes several athletes, car enthusiast, actors, musicians and just your average joe who wants A bad ass customized car.

Ready To Customize Your Ride?

Don't just drive a car like everyone else!  Customize your car, be different and enjoy your car.  You spend more time in your car, then your house so why not customize it, just like you customize your home. 

custom wheels

How to Measure Your Car for Custom Wheels

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window tinting

Understanding the Different Levels of Window Tinting

Do you want heads to turn when you cruise past a crowd? If so, window tinting is one of the hottest modifications to a car or truck. Not only does window tinting look good, but it has many other benefits. Many people don’t know that window tinting helps retain interior quality and keeps the car…
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truck accessories

5 Truck Accessories Every New Owner Needs to Have

Customize and make your own. That’s how you view most things, right? Your clothing, your home, and even your backyard. Why should your truck be any different? If you’ve been thinking about what it takes to create the ideal custom truck, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five truck accessories everyone needs to…
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St. Louis Custom Car Specialist

St. Louis Custom Car Shop, Dalo Motoring, is the place to customize your vehicle. 

Get expert custom car fabrication in south county and west county.