Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers



Rollup Truck Bed Covers will help secure your pickup truck bed and improve gas mileage. Our selection of roll up covers is the perfect solution to an open truck bed dragging down the performance of your vehicle.


roll up truck bed coversTruck bed covers Truck bed cover



Protection from Weather

A bed cover will protect your truck contents and the truck bed itself from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Your truck bed cover will also protect the contents from blowing around or blowing out of the truck due to the wind.

Security and Theft Protection
Just like window tinting, where you can keep your interior private, the bed of your truck should be treated the same way.  Thieves flock to trucks that expose tools, material and anything else exposed in an open truck bed.  The truck bed covers provide a layer of security to your truck bed, so thieves don’t have an open invitation to steal your property.  Additionally, a truck cover isn’t something you can just uninstall in a matter of minutes, so theft is not going to waste their time on doing that.

Improved Gas Mileage – This is a tremendous benefit for pick-up truck owners because truck bed covers significantly decrease wind resistance. Pick-up trucks are great vehicles, but because of their open truck beds, they are not fuel efficient. By adding a truck cover or topper to your truck, air slides easily off the cover rather than getting trapped in the bed and creating drag. One of the greatest advantages of a truck bed cover is that it will immediately improve gas mileage.   Experts in the truck industry report as much as a 10% increase in fuel economy – even with soft tonneau covers!

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