Running Boards

Running Boards

Running Boards

Get the best selection of running boards, nerf bars and side steps in St. Louis Missouri, at Dalo Motoring.  Getting a side step or running board, on your jeep or truck will make it much easier to get into your vehicle. Running boards are designed to provide extra grip and a platform for you to step into your vehicle and are even more vital since cars have gotten tallerLets also not forget about how side steps add a distinctive look to your car, giving it that great look. Side steps and running boards come in several styles and colors. Running boards have an aluminum support frame beneath the step surface which permits them to be thin and gives them a weight capacity up to 500lbs From round to straight to flat, or retractable power steps, we have what your truck, Jeep or SUV needs. Also, we have step widths from 3″ to 7″ to ensure you get safely and quickly into your vehicle.

Running board installer st louis

Running Boards are custom designed for vehicle specific purpose which secures a perfect fit. Running boards are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to match your vehicle’s personality.





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