Radar Detectors


Radar Detectors st louis

Nothing is more relaxing than knowing you are driving with the confidence of a radar detector.  Radar detectors are not only perfect for preventing speeding tickets but also can provide you with information on driving hazards.  Modern technology allows new radar detectors to have Bluetooth capabilities and smartphone integrations.

There are three types of radar detectors

  1. Corded detectors
  2. Cordless detectors
  3. Remote-mount detectors

Features Of A Radar Detector

  • City Modes
  • Laser detection
  • VG-2 and Spectre protection
  • Digital voice alerts
  • Instant-On Protection

If you are in the market for a new radar detector come visit us at our Wildwood, Mo or South County location and we can show you the benefits of each radar detector and advise you which one is best for you. Call us today.

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