How to Measure Your Car for Custom Wheels

custom wheels

Ready to upgrade your car? Looking for brand new wheels to increase its speed and performance? If so, take the right measurements for proper wheel fitment. Custom wheels can turn your car into a masterpiece. These accessories can add a touch of style and provide a smoother ride. They also make it safer and increase…

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Understanding the Different Levels of Window Tinting

window tinting

Do you want heads to turn when you cruise past a crowd? If so, window tinting is one of the hottest modifications to a car or truck. Not only does window tinting look good, but it has many other benefits. Many people don’t know that window tinting helps retain interior quality and keeps the car…

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5 Truck Accessories Every New Owner Needs to Have

truck accessories

Customize and make your own. That’s how you view most things, right? Your clothing, your home, and even your backyard. Why should your truck be any different? If you’ve been thinking about what it takes to create the ideal custom truck, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five truck accessories everyone needs to…

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Leveling vs. Lift Kit: Which is Right for You?

lift kit

There is so much confusion that surrounds lift kits and leveling kits. Many people even use the terms interchangeably. Both kits involve your truck’s suspension and both change how your truck looks. However, that’s pretty much where the similarities stop. So what are the key differences between the two? Read on to see whether a…

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Custom Car Shops

Custom Car Shop in St. Louis Mo

St. Louis Custom Car Shops For many people, a car is a home away from home. Going to and from work, taking weekend trips, and simply running errands forces many drivers to spend countless hours in their car every week. If you are one of these people – spending a good portion of your life…

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Radar Detectors

RADAR DETECTORS Nothing is more relaxing than knowing you are driving with the confidence of a radar detector.  Radar detectors are not only perfect for preventing speeding tickets but also can provide you with information on driving hazards.  Modern technology allows new radar detectors to have Bluetooth capabilities and smartphone integrations. There are three types of radar…

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